Current TX
Time (Europe/London) Mode Callsign DSTAR-ID Target Source TX-Time
This Gateway allows access to YSF Reflector system by using the Wires-X function on your radio (Press and Hold DX button for more than 1 second).
Your radio will then be in Wires-X reflector mode and will display the currently connected reflector. If you then follow the Wires-X method of requesting a reflector list (as detailed
in your radio specific manual) your radio will return a list of available reflectors. Just choose the one you wish to connect.
To Disconnect just press and hold the * key on your DTMF microphone. Don't worry if you don't send a disconnect, the system will auto-disconnect after 15 mins.
This gateway is also DG-ID enabled. If you set your DG-ID to one of the settings below (both TX & RX) and Tx for 1 sec, the gateway will connect to the relevant reflector/talkgroup.
The system will 'hold' this room for 2 minutes. If nothing heard via network or RF it will return to the default of DG-ID 0 after this time.
DG-ID 40 = CQ-UK-001 (Wires-X CQ UK)
DG-ID 42 = GB-G0PNM-CW-Chat (YSF Reflector)
DG-ID 43 = ZOMBIE-ALERT (YSF Reflector)
Other DG-ID 'channels' can be added on request if this feature proves useful.
If you have any questions or wish for more information on Gateway usage please contact

Repeater Info
Current Mode D-Star linked to YSF Gateway (DG-ID 0) linked to
Location TX-Freq. RX-Freq. YSFGateway
IO70NJ434.975000 MHz433.375000 MHz127.0.0.1
Enabled Modes
DMR DMR Network D-Star D-Star Network System Fusion System Fusion Network P25 P25 Network NXDN NXDN Network POCSAG POCSAG Network
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Time (Europe/London) Mode Callsign DSTAR-ID Target Source Dur (s) Loss BER
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